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Don’t be like Jeff

Did you hear our radio ad, Don’t be like Jeff on KMFM?


Don't be like JeffWell the guys and gals at Giant Campus  have teamed up with the KM to give you lovely folk the chance to win some FREE Digital Marketing training for your business.
We offered this training to Jeff, but Jeff thinks he too busy. (too busy looking for customers off line!)

Jeff doesn’t do any digital marketing for his business. He does everything else but doesn’t really ‘get’ digital so assumes his customers don’t get it too! The trouble for Jeff is that his customer do go online, in fact they live on line nowadays, meaning that Jeff is already quickly falling behind his competitors.

Don’t be like Jeff – Enter for a chance to WIN!

Does this sound familiar:

  • Jeff thinks that social media is just for kids – Don’t be like Jeff
  • Jeff thinks that his products sell themselves so he doesn’t need t write a blog… Yeah nice one Jeff!
  • Jeff thinks using e-commerce will put people off coming to his shop – Don’t be like Jeff.
  • When he does post online! Jeff’s mum likes and shares all of his posts, – Don’t be like Jeff
  • Geoff hates it when people spell his name wrong in Christmas cards – Don’t be like Geoff


Jeff on Google

Jeff doesn’t quite understand Google and how it works, and that’s cool, why would he? Jeff has decided to bury his head in the sand like the proverbial ostrich and doesn’t want to know… Not Cool Jeff.

Jeff on Social Media

Jeff got Wayne, his 14 year old nephew, to set up some social media profiles because Jeff can’t see the point. Jeff doesn’t think The Facebook will ever catch on. Don’t be like Jeff.

Jeff on Advertising Online

Jeff can’t justify spending any money to advertise his business online. Jeff does spend £200 a month of flyers that Wayne distributes (kinda)

Jeff on the Interweb

Jeff uses the interweb (Jeff’s words) for all kind of things. He did most of his christmas shopping online… He kinda assumes that his customers don’t do the same thing. Silly Jeff. Don’t be like Jeff

Some of our Courses

We are passionate about Digital Marketing here at Giant Campus. We don’t just do this stuff for fun. Our professors are practicing digital marketers who do this stuff every day for the clients of Sleeping Giant Media. Our courses go from beginner to advanced and cover a range of subjects. Take a look below at some of bread and butter subjects, or take a closer look at what what we do here: http://www.giantcampus.co.uk

Don’t be like Jeff, see what you can learn to help grow your business online.


Search (SEO)

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation.

pay per click

Pay per Click (PPC)

Pay per Click is a great use of marketing budget!

social media

Social Media

Media which is social.

Learn how to improve your own business online
"Thanks Jeff, keep doing what your doing! (or not doing) It works for us!"
dont be like Jeff
Kim SmithBusiness Rival
"Met Jeff at an event, really down to earth guy. Didn't have a LinkedIn profile (and I lost his business card) Get in touch Jeff!"
Dont be like Jeff
John WilliamsDeep pockets
"I heard about Jeff's business through a friend, unfortunately I couldn't find his website in time so had to buy elsewhere"
Be found on Google
Liz JamesFrustrated Google Searcher
Learn how to make your business grow online!
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So... Who is Jeff?

Don't be like JeffJeff knows he is ignoring his digital presence but according to Jeff, ‘It’s not important at the moment’ The trouble with this statement is that Jeff is wrong. Don’t be like Jeff.

We tried helping Jeff but sometimes there is no helping some people!! If your up for the challenge and want some professional help, then enter our draw to win some free digital marketing training, or see what courses you can book on to today! Don’t treat digital differently. Don’t be like Jeff!

To be honest we all have a little bit of Jeff in us. He is you, he is me, and he is definitely someone you know. Sometimes life is so busy that we know there are thing to do that we never got round to doing it. Occasionally someone reminds us about it, and we have two choices.

One: To continue ignoring it and to fall further behind your competitors.

Two: Do something about it, be decisive and improve your own knowledge

We prefer the second option. Don’t be like Jeff! We have a range of new courses. Have a looksy  Giant Campus


What makes us different?

We offered Jeff the opportunity to pop on over to Giant Towers to take a look how we create and deliver our training! We take a very different approach to teaching and learning. We understand a few things about the how the environments in which we work can affect our output. It’s with this is mind that we put this little video together. Jeff doesn’t watch videos online, it uses up his 50Mb allowance.


Experienced Marketers

Our professors do this stuff every single day, they love it and so do their customers!!

Fully Certified

Our professors our Google Certified. This means they know what they are talking about…. Unlike Jeff.

Have a Question?

Not sure if digital marketing is for you or confused about where to even begin? Get in touch below.

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A no obligation phone call is just seconds away. See if have anything that could help your online campaigns. 01303 765394

2017 Programme

Lots of different dates to choose from to avoid being like Jeff.

Ask Away

We give you the environment to ask questions about your real-life business to real-life industry experts (or professors)

Don’t be like Jeff

It could be you, it could someone you know. But somewhere out there there is a business owner that knows their company could be using digital marketing better. We only know what we know, right!

So why not sign up to win some free training, or just book on today, you know it makes sense.

Giant Campus – Don’t be like Jeff.



"I heard about Jeff's business through a friend, unfortunately I couldn't find his website in time so had to buy elsewhere"
Be found on Google
Liz JamesFrustrated Google Searcher